Food Buying Clubs of the Past

It’s always fun to read about the model from where you came, and that this buying club thing that we do hasn’t changed much, with software or without software. You order in bulk, you go as direct to the source as possible, and you move money from grocery stores filled with crap to a direct connection to the kind folks who grow your food.

But, as people aged, the whole buying club idea faded away.  Life, kids, losing desire to live communally, these pioneers moved on to other things or opened stores that continued this type of food activism today.  Perhaps there was a touch more capitalism involved, but the food was in good hands.

We like to think that makes it easier to run a food buying club, and this will help the movement have more staying power this time around.  I guess we’ll see… 🙂

Read the article from SFGate here.

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